AyosDito sa Unleashed 2 Party

Unleashed 2 Party AyosDito

Rain or shine, Ayos talaga makasama ang Pinoy youth! Lalo na kapag may cool music to dance to. Kaya naman ibang klase ang AyosDito Moments natin sa Unleashed 2 Wet and Wild party. Want proof? Watch our AyosDito sa Unleashed 2 Party video.


Sa AyosDito.ph, FUN is our middle name.

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The fun has just begun. With the growing AyosDito.ph family, more Filipinos get to enjoy the Ayos online buying and selling experience easily and safely! Throughout the year, we visited cool places all over the Philippines to share the great news that is AyosDito.ph! To know more about the Ayos experience, watch our iBall 2014 video.


AyosDito sa Pilipinas – OneViberPH party

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Here at AyosDito.ph, we love giving Filipinos a reason to celebrate life and freedom. By empowering them with the chance to live life to the fullest through an open and free online buying and selling website, more Filipinos get to let go of things they no longer use or want, so they can get closer to the things they want to achieve.


TFTFZx – kasi Love is a verb


Don’t blame us kung madurog ang puso mo after watching the #TFTFZx webiseries. Sabi nga ni Arvin (played by Ramon Bautista) “Love is only real when baduy.” Watch the Tales from the Friend Zone X now tapos make drama na lang while watching pwetty sunsets.